Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Setting lights.

We live about 15 miles east of the "No Services for 100 Miles" sign, which means I don't have easy access to pre-printed condition candles.  The other day a friend of mine wanted a candle for a job interview, so I pulled out a blank white candle, and a Sharpie, and drew a custom candle for them, with a sketch of them and the text "Nuevo Trabajo" on the front. On the back I put their name and copied out the 23rd Psalm.

I loaded the candle with Crown of Success and Fast Luck conditions oils; and herbs: gravel root for getting a job, deer tongue for verbal facility in the interview, and cinnamon chips to speed things up. I also added gold-colored mica for prosperity and to make it beautiful. I then prayed over the candle, knocked it, and set it in a lantern to protect it from the elements. I added crystals and stones around the bottom.

Weather gives the candle extra energy. I hear thunder out there right now. There has been a light rain throughout the day.

There's something charming about a hand-drawn candle. It's not perfectly drawn, but it has personal energy and intention, and is imbued with care. I'm sending away for oil paint pens which will give me more colors to work with, and provide darker and more permanent marking..

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