Thursday, May 2, 2019

Coloring lamp oil and other oils.

Oil lamps preceded candles in the homes of our ancestors, and like candles they carried their own spiritual significance: the light in the darkness, the steady flame that invites us to look inward, to come into tune with our own spirit, and perhaps to pray. Others created or repeated rituals that helped them face the hardships and the joys of their lives. And now, as then, oil lamps are less expensive, and more permanent than candles.

If you want to color your oil, however, there is an issue: you will need oil-based dyes. Wilton's Candy Colors fit the bill. In areas more populated than my lonesome desert you may be able to pick them up at super store of one kind or another -- look in the cake supply aisle. Otherwise you can order a set of colors for less than $10. If you still do amazon, you can find Wilton Candy Colors here.

This lamp, and its twin sister, are quite amazing. I was drawn to them from an online garage sale. The woman selling them wanted $10 for them. I couldn't get there the first week. I called back and with no prompting she reduced the price to $6. I arrived at her house, $6 in hand  and she handed me the bag with the lamps and said there was no charge, she was happy for me to have them. I asked if she was sure -- she was -- and I thanked her. Even before I brought them home these two little lamps were working their prosperity magic.

After I cleaned them up I added lamp oil. Then I opened up my dye pots, cut the tops and inserted a toothpick. I dropped one drop of blue, and two drops of yellow, swirled them around and this lovely green appeared. I then added 3 pyrite chips, 3 tiny lodestones, and some flakes of gold leaf. These two lamps will be perfect for prosperity work.


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